To avoid legal entanglements, employers must recognize and comply with many legal requirements.  At my firm, the Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC, I assist employers in meeting their obligations and maintaining successful employment policies. If you need the assistance of a knowledgeable employment and labor lawyer, contact my office at (888) 333-5580.  I take pride in being quickly responsive to employer’s questions. 

The Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC offers the following services for employers:

                                Talent Acquisition & Retention
                                HR Compliance Audits & Training
                                Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Training
                                Employment Law & Regulations
                                Onboarding & Orientation
                                Employee Relations
                                Salary negotiation
                                Job Descriptions
                                Employee appreciation programs
                                I9 Training
                                Policy and Procedure Development
                                Risk Management
                                Workmen's Compensation Coordination
                                File Auditing
                                Employee Relations
                                Progressive Disciplinary Action Plans
                                EEOC Position Statements
                                Unemployment Compensation Mgmt.
                                Employee Handbook Development
                                Certified Notary Services
                                Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation/Non-Disclosure Ageements
                                Independent Contractor Agreements
                                Employment Applications
                                Discrimination Investigations
                                Severance Agreements


Employers may need to conduct an internal investigation of discrimination complaints.  Such investigations need to be thorough and handled properly in the context of the corporate environment.  I am very familiar with dealing with executives and human resource departments and conducting quality discrimination investigations, having done so as a human resources generalist for eight years and as a federal contract equal employment investigator.  I  can conduct investigations for your organization that are thorough, responsive, efficient, and effective or train your management staff to do so.  I will also prepare your
position statements in response to EEOC claims against your company, negotiate settlement agreements on your behalf or defend you in court if you are falsely accused of unlawful discrimination.


A well-crafted employee handbook is not only useful to employees; it is an effective tool for an employer.  A well-written handbook can be effective in barring employee lawsuits.  However, there is no “one size fits all” form of handbook.  Working carefully with employers, I can effectively and efficiently craft an employment handbook for you and assist you with drafting company policies as well as performance appraisals.  Also, regular review and updates to handbooks and company policies are strongly advised.


Managers need training on anti-discriminatory HR practices so they do not discriminate when hiring, promoting, coaching or terminating employees.   I will design and present training programs for your managers that will help them understand employment law regulations including information on anti-discrimination laws and human rights codes and how they impact HR practices such as interviewing, performance management coaching and termination of employees in the workplace.


The elimination of sexual harassment in the workforce is extremely important for every employer. There is a financial imperative to eliminate improper conduct as well as a moral one, as such conduct can result in extensive monetary liability imposed by juries that determine sexual harassment has occurred.  An employer's obligations with regard to sexual harassment arise before any act of sexual harassment occurs. The EEOC requires that employers take reasonable steps to prevent harassment before it occurs. Most states have discrimination prohibition enforcement agencies, which generally impose similar requirements.  Under federal case law, an employer fulfills its obligation if it takes all reasonable steps to prevent harassment before it occurs, and takes effective steps to remedy harassment after it takes place. If an employer demonstrates those attempts at prevention and remediation, it might not be found liable for the act of harassment itself.  Contact The Law Office of Annette Newman if you need assistance with training your management staff on the importance of handing sexual harassment complaints appropriately; developing effective training programs and policies focused on sexual harassment prevention; conducting neutral and thorough investigations designed to obtain a prompt and complete collection of the facts, appropriate responsive action, an expeditious report to the complainant that the investigation has been concluded, and to advise you on appropriate remedial action to take following sexual harassment claims.


Various state and federal agencies require the regular filing of documentation regarding employees.  Call the Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC.  I can help you and your human resource department to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements.  I can also draft employment contracts and agreements, non-compete agreements, independent contractor agreements and severance agreements for you.

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